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"In recent years, the group MI integration worked with Exportlogic on establishing a subsidiary in Mexico. Exportlogic has been a great source of support for meeting with potential clients, presenting our project to government authorities, and facilitating discussions with business partners.

Laura Ochoa, Director of Exportlogic, is a 'working on the ground' individual with an excellent network in Mexico. Exportlogic’s services gave us the confidence we needed and greatly contributed to the success of our expansion project in Mexico. I highly recommend without hesitation Exportlogic’s services if you want to enter the Mexican market."

Stéphane Tremblay
General Manager
MI Intégration / Moules Industriels / Plastech

“We retained the services of EXPORTLOGIC for our Mexican development project. This firm has several contacts in Mexico and makes a positive contribution to all projects in this country. We recommend EXPORTLOGIC as a consulting firm for the Mexican market.”​
Philippe Bonnet

“EXPORTLOGIC is an excellent choice for businesses seeking to develop in the Mexican market. Their knowledge of commercial local conditions as well as their numerous business contacts proved to be very relevant to the level of services provided. FLEXTOR received the necessary support for a preliminary study of the market and for planning a visit which would be highly successful on Mexican ground. EXPORTLOGIC scheduled approximately 20 appointments with potential partners and clients. Since then, we have concluded major sales in Mexico.”
Michael Dos Santos

“EXPORTLOGIC’s services, including feasibility, negotiations and the search for resources, have enabled us to minimize risks and succeed in our business development project in Mexico. Doing business in Mexico was a challenge, one which we were able to overcome thanks to the expertise and professionalism of EXPORTLOGIC.”
Denis Coderre

“I am pleased to recommend the services of Exportlogic. They were an excellent choice for our development project in the Mexican market. Exportlogic provided us with strong, professional support in all aspects of the project. Their knowledge of commercial local conditions, as well as business and government contacts have proved to be highly relevant to the level of services provided.”​
Marc Dussault
Oceania Baths

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